Surface Treatment

A very important activity for proper corrosion protection of steel is the way and quality of how the surface is cleaned of rust, paint and other contaminants.

Some initial cleaning of steel is necessary to create proper adhesion of anti-corrosion coatings and paints. Our company offers cleaning of the steel surface blast with BLASTRAC machines, Blastrac machines are designed according to current environmental standards and safety rules and blasting process is completely dust-free so you can work on ships during voyages.
Each shot-blasting machine for steel has to match with an industrial vacuum cleaner, eliminating pollution.

Steel blasting is the best mechanical method of preparing the surface. It can guarantee the highest degree of purification before applying protective coatings. Proper surface preparation has a decisive impact on the quality and durability of paint coatings and provides effective protection against corrosion of metals. Due to it, steel surfaces are much more resistant to the adverse effects of weather conditions.